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Welcome to SWAPS

SWAPS stands for South West Autistic Parents' Support group. It is a group based in Kingston-upon-Thames that was set up by parents with children on the autistic spectrum. It later affiliated to the National Autistic Society and is now the official local branch of the NAS.

SWAPS welcomes all parents and carers with children on the autistic spectrum, and organises a number of activities as well as acting as a source of information on local events/services.

SWAPS is completely free to join and entitles you to access our activities and to receive regular updates via email of local events/services. Please join us - the more members we have, the stronger we are! To join, click here.

Sian (who runs SWAPS - also available on 07917 271350) & Susan (who does the website).

Last updated on 20-Jan-2011